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 Impatiens forrestii

Impatiens forrestii is grown as a hardy perennial in the British Isles. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens fragicolor

Photo by Yong-Ming Yuan

 Impatiens frithii .v1

 Impatiens frithii .v2

 Impatiens gardneriana

Impatiens gardneriana can be a weedy species, maybe not as bad as some of the Himalayan annuals. In an ideal spot without much of a freezing winter, Impatiens gardneriana will volunteer its self around the garden. Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens georgei-schatzii

Photo by D. J. Du Puy

 Impatiens giant walleriana salmon

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens giant walleriana

Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens glandulifera

 Impatiens glandulifera .v2

Photo by Tabish

 Impatiens glandulifera .v3

 Impatiens glandulifera gold leaf .v1

 Impatiens glandulifera gold leaf.v2

 Impatiens glandulifera var candida

Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens gomphophylla

A really nice hardy species native to the grasslands of Africa. Photo by Ray Morgan

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