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 Impatiens ethiopica

Impatiens ethiopica is a native as you can probably guess, Ethiopia. The unbranching growth habit is similar to I. sodenii as new stems come up from the base of the plant. This species also seems to prefer bright light and lots of moisture. It is naturally found near the base of waterfalls. If you g more...

 Impatiens falcifer

 Impatiens falcifer affinis

Photo by David Boufford

 Impatiens falcifer sub-species?

 Impatiens fenghwaiana

Photo by Yong-Ming Yuan

 Impatiens firmula

This may not turn out to be Impatiens firmula. Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens firmula .v1

Photo by C. Rakotovao

 Impatiens firmula .v2

Photo by C. Rakotovao

 Impatiens fischeri

Photo by Brad Cotten

 Impatiens fischerii .v2

Photo by Brad Cotten

 Impatiens flaccida .v1

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens flaccida alba .v2

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens flanaganae .v1

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens flanaganae .v2

This is a view of the pot busting tubers. Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens flemingii

Photo by Ray Morgan

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