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 Impatiens dolichoceras

 Impatiens drepanophora .v1

Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens drepanophora .v2

Photo by Ron Parsons

 Impatiens ecalcarata X capensis

This is a rare hybrid between two North America species. Photo by Ting Lan

 Impatiens ecalcarata

The only spurless species native to North America. Photo by Ting Lan

 Impatiens edgeworthii alba

Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens edgeworthii

Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens ekapaksiana

Photo by by Nanda Utami

 Impatiens elatostemoides

 Impatiens elianae

Impatiens elianae is part of a complex of a number of different species that have recently been described, such as this one. Photo by Frank Patient

 Impatiens eliphanticeps

Photo by Nanda Utami

 Impatiens epiphytica

Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens eriosperma .v1

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens eriosperma .v2

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens eryalaya

Photo by Derick Pitman

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