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 Impatiens bombycina

This species looks like a hairy form of I. niamniamensis 'African King'. I have not yet seen this species officially described. Photo by Derick Pitman.

 Impatiens brachycentra

An annual species native to Asia. Photo by Ray Morgan.

 Impatiens briartii .v1

An interesting species that show some unexpected cold hardiness as low as USDA Zone 8 maybe lower. Likes bright light which allows it to grow upright like a shrub. Photo by Jeff Hirsch.

 Impatiens burtonii .v1

This is a very neat spreading species that seems to grow happily in my garden. If it is sheltered from frost it should survive USDA Zone 9 winters.

 Impatiens campanulata

A beautiful Impatiens that resembles a miniature I. grandis too which it is closely related. Photo by Jeff Hirsch.

 Impatiens capensis .v1

A common species native to North America.

 Impatiens capensis .v2

An all yellow form of the species.

 Impatiens capensis .v3

Impatiens capensis come in many varieties like this pale spotted form. Photo by Raymond Brook Marsh

 Impatiens capensis .v4

Occasionally, Impatiens capensis will come up variegated like this specimen. Photo by Ricky Rickman

 Impatiens cardiophylla

 Impatiens catatii

Native to Madagascar. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens cecilii

 Impatiens charisma

Photo by by Saroj Ruchisansaku

 Impatiens chekiangensis

 Impatiens chiangdaoensis

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