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 Impatiens barbata

Note the extra sepals on this species. Native to China (Yunnan). Photo by Pan.

 Impatiens baronii .v1

Impatiens baronii growing in its native habitat of Madagascar. Photo by J. Labat

 Impatiens baronii .v2

An annual species native to Madagascar. Photo by Ray Morgan.

 Impatiens barthlottii .v1

Impatiens barthlottii is a close relative to I. tuberosa. A fine example of the species native to Madagascar. Photo by Olaf Pronk

 Impatiens barthlottii .v2

Photo by Olaf Pronk

 Impatiens batanggadisensis .v1

Native to the Island of Sumatra. Photo by Nanda Utami.

 Impatiens begoniifolia

Native to China. Photo by Dr. Yong-Ming Yuan.

 Impatiens begoniodes

This is a very interesting species native to Madagascar. The leaf petiole joins the leaf in the middle much like many Begonia species. It can be very difficult to cultivate and need high humidity. Photo by Ray Morgan.

 Impatiens bequaertii

A tiny flowered species native to Africa. In bright light the leaves will get a dark bronze that make the flowers seem to glow. Photo by Jeff Hirsch.

 Impatiens bicaudata

This is a very large species native to Madagascar. It is closely related to I. auricoma and will easily hybridize with it. It seems to be self sterile. It looks very much like the hybrid 'Big Red' but the forked spur is much more pronounced on the species. Photo by Derick Pitman.

 Impatiens bicolor

This is the true annual Impatiens bicolor from Pakistan. There is a another Impatiens with the same name, but since the species pictured was described first, it supersedes the latter. Picture by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens bicolor

This species is very closely related to I. niamniamensis and was once considered to be synonymous. Right now this is a holding name for this species, it will soon get its own name since I. bicolor is for a different annual species. Photo by Eberhard Fischer.

 Impatiens bicornuta

This species is native to China. Photo by Yong-Ming Yuan.

 Impatiens bisaccata .v1

A beautiful species native to Madagascar and is closely related to I. auricoma. I suspect it was hybridized with I. auricoma to create the African Orchid series.

 Impatiens bisaccata

Close up of the flower. Notice the chevron markings in the center of the flower. This shows its close relationship with I. auricoma, I believe.

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