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 Impatiens mishmiensis

Impatiens mishmiensis is a perennial native to the Mishmi Hills in Northern India. It seems to have some cold tolerance and sets seed easily, This could be a problem for some areas with warmer winters. Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens modesta

Photo by Taron Chhabra

 Impatiens monticola

Photo by Yong-Ming Yuan

 Impatiens morsei

Photo by Sheng-Xiang YU

 Impatiens morsei .v1

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens morsei .v2

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens munronii

 Impatiens muscicolsa

Photo by Saroj Ruchisansaku

 Impatiens musicola

Photo by Kazuo Yamasaki

 Impatiens namchabarwensis

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens nana

Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens napoensis

Photo by Yong-Ming Yuan

 Impatiens neo-barnesii

An acaulescent epiphytic species native to the Southern Western Ghats of India.

 Impatiens niamniamensis 'African Queen'

 Impatiens niamniamensis 'VariegatedAfrican Queen'

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