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 Impatiens letouzeyi

Photo by Ben Pollard

 Impatiens longiloba

Impatiens longiloba is a closely related species to the stenantha group. The group is so similar that it is difficult to tell the different species apart. Photo by Crug Farm.

 Impatiens lyallii v. 2

Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens lyallii v.1

Impatiens lyallii is part of a large complex of very similar species. Typical I. lyallii is recognized by its long spur.

 Impatiens mackeyana sub. claeri v. 1

Impatiens mackeyana sub. claeri is one of the few variegated species out there. I have seen plants near eight feet tall, thougth my own have never grown that big. The flower are large, but somewhat hidden among the leaves. Photo by Derick Pitman.

 Impatiens mackeyana sub. claeri v.2

Impatiens mackeyana sub. claeri showing off the great variegation that really makes this species so disarable.

 Impatiens macrophylla v. 1

Impatiens macrophylla is a highland species from Sri Lanka that grows very tall. It does not do well in places with hot summers. Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens macrophylla v. 2

Impatiens macrophylla showing off its little flowers neat the stem, still it is a neat Impatiens. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens macrovexilla var yaoshanensis

 Impatiens macrovexilla

 Impatiens maculata

Photo by Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

 Impatiens magenta prince

 Impatiens mai tai red

 Impatiens mandrakae

Impatiens mandrakae is a very small flowered spurless species native to Madagascar. As you can see, the flowers are almost translucent green and tiny. Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens marianae v. 1

Impatiens marieana seldom flowers, but when it does, they really stands out.

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