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 Impatiens kilimanjari .v2

Photo by John Grimshaw

 Impatiens kilimanjari sub pocsi

Impatiens kilimanjari sub. pocsii is also native to Mt. Kilimanjaro, but to the opposite side of the mountain. It also make natural hybrids with I. pseudoviola called x kaskazini and more varied in color then the other species. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens kinabaluensis

Impatiens kinabaluensis is the only species of Impatiens native to Mount Kinabalu

 Impatiens langbianensis affinis

This is probably not the true Impatiens langbianensis, hence the affinis. Photo by Crug Farm

 Impatiens lateristachys .v1

The Flora of China states that this species is an annual, but to me the growth habit seems perennial. The photos of this species were taken on Mount Omei (Mt. Emei) in China, an area with a multitude of Impatiens species. Photo by Elpinto

 Impatiens lateristachys .v2

Photo by Elpinto

 Impatiens lateristachys .v3

Photo by Elpinto

 Impatiens latiflora .v1

I really like this species. It was shared with me by Tony Avent via my friend Rekha Morris who collected it in Aranchal Pradesh, India. It can be a little bit of a challenge, but for the most part it is a very rewarding species. Big flowers, good seed set and easy from cuttings what's not to love ab more...

 Impatiens laurantii v. 1

Impatiens laurantii is a nice short lived species native to Madagascar. It appears to be closely related to species like Impatiens auricoma and I. bicaudata and will easily hybridze with them. Photo by Ray Morgan.

 Impatiens laurentii v.2

Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens lawsonii

Impatiens lawsonii is another tuberous species similar to Impatiens acaulis. Photo by Tarun Chhabra

 Impatiens laxiflora

A different species very different from the norm. You can see how the leaves hug and almost surround the stem. Impatiens latiflora is an annual species native to Napal. Photo by Elizabeth A. Byers.

 Impatiens lecomtei

Impatiens lecomtei is a native to China and probably an annual species. Photo by Yong-Ming Yuan

 Impatiens leptopoda

 Impatiens leschenaultia

Impatiens leschenaultia is native to India and one of the few that delvope a woody base, a kind of sub-shrub. Photo by Ray Morgan.

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