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 Impatiens inaparta .v1

Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens inaperta

The flowers on this species are extremely tiny and only seems to flower in deep shade. It will also set seed without flowering. Photo by Ron Parsons

 Impatiens insignis .v1

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens insignis .v2

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens iriangensis

A nice epiphytic species related to the Impatiens niamniamensis group. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens irvingii

 Impatiens jerdoniae

An epiphytic species native to India. Sadly, it is not in cultivation. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens jiewhoei

Photo by Saroj Ruchisansaku

 Impatiens jiewhoei

Impatiens jiewhoei is native to Thailand in the Kanchanaburi region. Photo by Chuyos Punpreuk

 Impatiens kamtilongensis

Photo by by Frank Patient

 Impatiens keillii

This epiphytic species grows really well in a a Sphagnum Moss basket. Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens kerriae .v1

Impatiens kerrae appears to be a caudex forming species from the highlands of Thailand. Photo by Crug Farm Plants

 Impatiens kerriae by Saroj Ruchisansaku

Photo by Saroj Ruchisansaku

 Impatiens kharensis?

 Impatiens kilimanjari .v1

Impatiens kilimanjari is native to the cloud forest of My. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It does make a natural hybrid with pseudoviola called x lateritia. Photo by Jeff Hirsch

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