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 Impatiens hawkeri .v4

Photo by Scott Trees

 Impatiens hawkeri .v5

Photo by Scott Trees

 Impatiens hawkeri .v6

Photo by Scott Trees

 Impatiens hawkeri .v7

This, I believe, was one of the first wild collected Impatiens hawkeri. I was told it came from Kew Gardens originally. Sadly, this plant died shortly after this picture was taken. Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens hawkeri .v8

This is the same plant as the second picture. You can see that how a better growing environment can bring out the color. I believe the one illustrated here was an original collection made by the USDA in the 1970s that were used to create the modern clones we have today. Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens hawkerii .v9

The small flowered specimen is the same as the above photo. You can also see what breeding has really been done to improve the flower size. One thing you cant tell by the photo, the wild species is hard to get to flower, at least for me. Photo by Scott Trees

 Impatiens henslowiana

The leaves on this species can be very downy aka the Lambs Ear Balsam. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens herbicula

Photo by Tarun Chhabra

 Impatiens hians

A great species that seems to flower around the Xmas Holidays. Photo by Laurie Gray-Bounsall

 Impatiens hochstetteri

Photo by Brad Cotten

 Impatiens hoehnelii ex. Cherangani Hills .v1

This is a very large form of Impatiens hoehnelii that was collected in the Cherangani Hills in western Kenya. Photo by Derick Pitman

 Impatiens hoehnelii ex. Cherangani Hills .v2

Photo by Jeff Hirsch

 Impatiens hongkongensis

Impatiens hongkongensis can be easy to grow, but hard to flower. Lots of water may be the key to success.

 Impatiens hunanensis

 Impatiens hypophylla

An annual species native to Japan.

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