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 Impatiens aquatilis

Native to China. Photo by Dr. Yong-Ming Yuan

 Impatiens arguta .v1

This species is native to many parts of southern China and Southeast Asia. It may even be in India. It is a hardy species can survive temp down to 0F and return each spring via it's tuberous root stock. Photo by Boca Joe.

 Impatiens arguta .v2

A side view of the vigorous creeping form. Photo by Jeff Hirsch.

 Impatiens arguta alba .v1

This plant was grown in San Francisco Botanical Gardens greenhouse. Notice the flowers appear more white then the above plant even though they are from the original clone. Photo by Laurie Gray-Bounsall.

 Impatiens arguta alba .v2

The is a upright white form of the species that is just as hardy. Note the pink tent to the flowers. This feature appears when plants are grown in cool summer areas. Photo by Ray Morgan

 Impatiens arguta upright

This is the lavender blue form of the upright variety. Flower color is much more intense due the growing environment. Photo by Ray Morgan.

 Impatiens aureliana

Native to China. Photo by Dr. Yong-Ming Yuan.

 Impatiens auriculata

This is an epiphytic species from India. Note the large lateral sepals that really set this one apart from the others. Photo by Ray Morgan.

 Impatiens balfourii

This species is native to the Himalayas and can be a very prolific seeder. It has naturalized in some parts of California, France and, Italy.

 Impatiens balsamina .v2

 Impatiens balsamina .v3

 Impatiens balsamina .v4

The hard to locate Impatiens balsamina 'alba'.

 Impatiens balsamina .v5

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